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Kim Kematt - You Are The One * Lyrics

If you listen the voices of my heart
Being lonely in every single night

If you only knew of how I feel
Wishing you by my side and its so real

I am thinkin of you in every second
Cos my love for you is deeper than the ocean

Reff :

I wish you were here
Standing so near
And I want you to get ride off my fear
Of lossing you
Cos I love you
And I didn't think I can't live without you
If you gone by
I might be die
Since your love is the reason I am here by
If you're not around
Where can I find
An easy heart where I surely can run

We've been through a bitter sweet of romance
But I know I stuck with right to the end

Living my love in the crazy edge
You're the only air for me to breathe


Ohh aah
Here we go again
Calling your name
And I wish that you woud do the same
A counting days
To paradise
A moment where we got no more space
Just you and I
Under the sky
And could you just read all what's in my mind
That you're the one
The only one
And I believe that you are the last one

Oh I know you're the one
The only one
The beautiest thing I could have found in someone
You are the palm
The sweetest one
Heaven on earth to conmplete my lifeline
From the first sight
Until to night
You're the only light that shine from inside
You are the one
Oh noooo !
I belive that you are the last one
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