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Free Download Neo - Bahagia Mp3 & Lirik Lagu

Added: Tue, 26 October 2010 - 01:18:30
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Mp3 Info :
- Artist : Neo
- Title : Bahagia
- Album : Bahagia (2000)
- Genre : Rap
- Edited : Wed, 02 July 2014 - 22:32:52

Tags :
- Neo
- Bahagia (2000)
- Bahagia
- Neo Bahagia

· Neo Profile
Terakhir di Update : Tuesday, 26 October 2010 - 1:24:29

Lots off issues goin on in the streets.Lots off dopebeats comin out from underground (hiphop) music industries.The year was 1999, they called themselves Southern Funksta.It’s a very extremely awesome hiphop movement in Indonesia (Jakarta) for them.All about love n unity baby!, and all that happens coz off hiphop.They can’t missed one hiphop nite, the only reason is to unite, chill, smoking, and ackrite while hiphop music is bangin’ in the background…yeay – yeah, good things, respectin to the culture of hiphop.Real thing, straight talking about it and y’all know!...Chillin’ bro.

Southern Funksta is more like a big boat in a real visual.The individual in it must accomplished their own mission in the same ocean, sum off them makin’ a just for fun hiphop project (music) together to, in the beginning, go straight to hit the studio to make music and write rhyme.But, after they made a phat 10 master joints, their producer, Iwang Noorsaid, start to lookin for a record deal.He offering it to an old lady name Ietje Komar, which is, shes the executive producer of a pretty popular boyband group in Indonesia called, “ME”, singing rnb songs of their own making.It seems like she’s very interested with their music project, and she’s optimisly think that the project will be success in the market.She also think about a brand new name for the group to.It was not a very ordinary night for a new breed hiphop group who already at this searching point of view solutions to change the name of Southern Funksta coz their future executive producer assume that the name its too hard to remember and said in Indonesian languge.After all the very hard thingking with all members in the joint, born a new name called NEO.From that day, Udet, Doniel, Abe, Derry, Aldy also known as “neo” and their seems to be agreed about the new name.

Much respect for the playaz in NEO.Their ability to make a rhyme its no doubt.NEO can rap about everything.The blend of Iwang Noorsaid musics with their lyrics from what they see, what they feel, and what they hear its very awesome.Lots of great musician had work with them to.It all happens not like a magic.They work hard to get into their posisition such as rite now.With the same vision that to make hiphop alive in Indonesia, their effort its preety much success.1999 – 2000, their first album its out in the streets.The responds is very crazy.The Indonesian streets loves their 1st album single, borju.They get awarded by AMI Sharp awards for best song/single, best group/duo, best album for category rap/disco.The next year (2000), they awarded again by AMI Sharp for best group/duo, best song/single, best album for category rap/disco.In the same year, lots of beautiful things happends came along.Not to mention the tight schedule for performing on stage in many places, NEO its contracted with teenagers shoes, ardiless and also candies, butternut collins for shooting a tv commerciall, radio and stuff.

It’s all good baby.Year after year, NEO keep on struglin to make hiphop to be very well known in Indonesia. Respecting to the culture.Now they have a lot’s of experience for being an entertainer in Indonesian music industries and they aint stoping.This is hiphop 4 life from now on until the end of time.One love and peace to everybody.

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Lirik Lagu Neo - Bahagia Lyrics

[ Verse – One ]

[ Udet ]

Oh kasih ku percayalah pada ku sekarang ini aku rindu dengan mu

Hasrat ku menggebu hati ku pada mu semua ini ku tuangkan dalam lagu

[ Abe ]

Ku berharap pada mu oh kasih ku kamu juga rindu kepada ku

Ku akan setia selalu Cuma ada kamu di hati ku

[ Udet ]

Seminggu tak bertemu hanya mendengar suara mu rindunya diri ku

Tak sabar untuk bertemu dengan mu

[ Chorus ]

Bahagia (eeeee) bersama mu (ooooo) kita berdua

Bahagia (eeeee) kau dan aku bahagia (ooooo) semua indah

[ Verse Two ]

[ Derry ]

Whoo haa aku merasa bahagia whoo haa angkat tangan ke udara

Kita berdua berbagi rasa sambil makan es krim coklat vanilla

Waktu demi waktu kita lalui bersama saling bergandeng tangan kita berdua

Tidak peduli apa kata mereka yang penting kita akan selalu bersama

[ Udet – Abe ]

Kau genggam erat ke dua tangan ku ku tatap mesra di mata mu

Aku peluk kamu aku cium kamu makin cepat saja detak di jantung ku

[ Chorus ]

[ Verse Three ]

[ Aldy ]

Bersama mu aku merasa bahagia berada di sisi mu aku nyaman rasanya

Kamu pasti merasakan hal yang serupa aku ingin mengatakan kepada mu bahwa

[ Udet ] aku saying kamu

[ Aldy ]

Hanya satu kamu I miss you I luv you hati ku untuk mu

[ Udet ]

Ku tak mau diri ku kehilangan diri mu ku ingin kau selalu ada dalam hati ku

[ Doniel ]

Kita berdua selalu berdo'a di antara kita akan slalu terbuka

Kita puya perasaan yang sama jangan menyakiti supaya tetap bahagia

[ Chorus ] [ 2x ]

[ Doniel ]

Kita berdua bersama bahagia tiada yang dapat memisahkan kita [ 4x ] [ 2x ]

[ Outro – Piano ]
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