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Free Download Saint Loco - Kedamaian (ft. Astrid) Mp3 & Lirik Lagu

Added: Sat, 23 August 2008 - 04:21:06
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Mp3 Info :
- Artist : Saint Loco
- Title : Kedamaian (ft. Astrid)
- Album : Vision For Transition
- Genre : Hip Rock
- Edited : Tue, 22 July 2014 - 01:34:27

Tags :
- Saint Loco
- Vision For Transition
- Kedamaian (ft. Astrid)
- Saint Loco Kedamaian (ft. Astrid)

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Lirik Lagu Saint Loco - Kedamaian (ft. Astrid) Lyrics

Intro : A E F#m D

C#m           D        F#m
pernahkah kau merasakannya
     C#m         D      F#m
pernahkah kau merasa bahagia
   C#m          D  
begitu banyak kisah
tentang indah disana
   C#m   D      F#m
semua tentang cinta

tak ada kesedihan
tak ada kepedihan
satu kedamaian

tak ada air mata
tak kan pernah terlupa

C#m D F#m [...x]
Let me tell you something, making you do the right think
one dream, one love, one hope , one peace of a good think,
no more lie,no more cry, no more racism, or ever prejudism,
make you liberate, let's all dedicate, motivate, don't be hesitate,
cuz it's never to late to make a dream come true, so let it flow with the love

   C#m         D
begitu banyak kisah
tentang indah disana
    C#m    D     F#m
semua tentang cinta

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Int. C#m D F#m 2x

Bm        C#m
indah disana
Bm        F#m
penuh bahagia..
Bm        C#m
kuyakin semua..
  D            F#m
jadi nyata.. jadi nyata..

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